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Samples Of Woven Carpeting Of Portraits

You could see some of the coloured spectral plan woven carpeting pictures below, which are set in the site by the permission of their owners. they absolutely are brilliant and terrificand. This art is the product of the Iranian artists. If you would like, you could change your own photo, your family members photos, etc to one of the noblest the most permanent Iranian arts. An everlasting and eternal work and the best present for whom you love them.
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In each of continent of the world that you are " Tabriz Sun Carpet " is ready to give services for the customers. From now you could have the woven carpeting portrait picture of your father, children,etc at home or work instead of their photos with the same quality and even with a better quality than the photo.
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آقاي باني مون رئيس سازمان ملل (4) 3 2 1
8 تابلو فرش شماره 6 در حال بافت  6 5
12 11 10 عكس گره هاي تابلو فرش شماره 10
16 15 14 13
20 توضيحات تابلو فرش ها در سازمان ملل 18 17
نخ و نقشه فرش عکس تابلو فرش تصاویر فرش دستباف فرش دستبافت
قیمت تابلو فرش تابلو فرش تبریز مدل و طرح فرش فرش ایرانی فرش شفقی تبریز
تابلو فرش خورشید تبریز
آرشيو تابلو فرش هاي رئساي سازمان ملل ، بافته شده در گالري فرش خورشيد تبريز ( سازمان ملل )
فرش خورشيد تبريز

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